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A webworker’s home toolkit? 

Linutop is a Linux-based diskless computer. It offers a completely silent, low-power operation in an extremely small package.

Source: linutop

This machine has no disk, offers low power consumption, 4 USB ports, 10/100 ethernet connection, possible wifi, what can you do with it? My first thoughts were of the plethora of web based office software solutions, that allow you to check email, write documents, perform spreadsheet calcs, write up presentations, store documents and photos. Why not?

This box is likely to be marketed to libraries and internet cafes, but I’d get one as a second machine for sure. It weighs in at 280 grams and comes packaged with a linux distro, and the following software..


- AbiWord Word Processor
- Evince PDF reader
- Firefox Web browser
- Gaim instant messenger
- Totem media player

With 512MB memory, there’s room for more apps like sunbird calendar if you felt the need, but really, the point is that this is a web app portal. These guys seem to be just setting up their website, blog and business, but you can email them from the site.

Which online apps would you use if they were the only tools you had to do the job? And would this machine and these apps cut it for your needs? Can you picture your local cafe having a couple of these low-cost machines parked and ready to meet the needs of the Bedouin working class?

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  • Stephen Jarman Dec 4, 2006

    I’d use it as a home server I’d use it as a home server or something… small. fast. reliable. (Seems to fit the purpose)

    But if you’d like to know what online apps I’d use:

    * Gmail
    * Roundcube Webmail
    * Website Baker
    * activeCollab
    * ajax IM
    * Campfire
    * gOffice
    * Google Docs & Spreadsheets
    * WordPress
    * and so on…

  • Mike Dec 6, 2006

    Good list, glad to see your Good list, glad to see your onto activeCollab too!. Hmmm Home server, interesting, would it need more memory?