The 1st of March – Gardening or Snowsports?

Today I started thinking about the garden again, but check out the following video to see just why I can’t do any planting yet. The track is a bit slower now that the snow is softening up a bit.


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It feels like it’s been ages since we were pulling the last squash and potatoes out of the garden, and we’ve been eating the fruits of our canning labour all winter, but finally it’s time to start thinking about doing some indoor planting to get the veggies started. We’ve got our starter seeds ready to go, and will be planting in a few weeks. We had discussed building a greenhouse on the southern side of the house, (near where Robyn and the girls start tobogganing from), and looking at the snow patterns and melt this spring, I’m convinced that this could be a good spot for it, even if it was something we could take down after the danger of frost has past.

The snow is melting rapidly, we had over 2 feet, we’re well below one now. Sure, we could still get some more snow, but it’s unlikely to stick around with this warm weather.

When this video was taken, it was about 7 degrees Celcius, but it could get down to -4 overnight. To add some more teasing to the mix, we took the girls skiing at Red Mountain yesterday as well.

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