United States speed limit sign in miles per hour

Speed limits in residential streets is a difficult topic to raise. People driving around in 4000 pound metal boxes seem to think that they should have the right of speed, not just to drive.

Griffith University transport planning researcher Matthew Burke said cutting speeds from 50km/h on local streets would not only reduce road trauma, it would also curb obesity rates by encouraging more people to walk and cycle.

“A car can stop in 3m travelling at 30km/h,” Dr Burke said.

“It would make walking safe for everyone, it would make cycling safe enough for grandmas. It would be a very easy thing to do … for next to no money.”

via Lower speed limit to tackle obesity crisis, say experts | The Courier-Mail.

Easy in principal, difficult to educate and enforce. Some “rights” are just harder for people to give up than others.

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