The SPIN Garden and Zoning Bylaws

These may seem like trivial issues, but to get clarity, this is a question that councils such should consider as these projects become more popular – would the SPIN model of gardening – and the earning of income from such crops be a violation of the zoning bylaw?

No Kidding – Goats in the Castlegar Current

"Maybe they just don’t like goats?"

2518838167_f159b2fb8a_m This was our first impression following the last council meeting, it seems that some of the elected representatives of the City of Castlegar have a different perspective on food security and sustainability than many people in this City and region.  When presented with an opportunity to review the current animal control and zoning bylaws to permit small-scale "urban agriculture", as is permitted in cities such as Seattle, it seems our Council, rather than having a rational discussion, opted instead to poke fun at the suggestion that urban hens and miniature goats may be a step closer to a sustainable Castlegar.

The Case for Urban Chickens and Goats

I’ve finally finished writing a letter to Castlegar City Council, requesting an amendment to the Animal Control Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw to allow Goats and Chickens in Urban Areas.


To sum up the recommendations in the letter, I wrote…

It is my suggestion that council amend the Zoning and Animal Control Bylaws to permit the following:

  1. Hens to be permitted in residential zoned lands as pets and for local food production

  2. Miniature goats to be permitted as pets and local food production in residential areas, and subject to similar rules and regulations as dogs in reference to licensing and the use of fences and leashes as appropriate.

  3. Agriculture to be further defined to permit hens and miniature goats in residential zones as pets and for local food production.

This should come up at the next regular meeting of council and if it is deemed to have some merit would likely go to a planning and development committee meeting.

You can download the pdf of the letter at the bottom of this post.

I’d also like to thank Mammacomic for the inspiration and template of a letter that she’s written to the City of Calgary.

A Barnyard in Your Backyard

Chickens, goats, rabbits and honey bees are in the news these days. Recently USA Today featured a story about miniature goats, and just this week the City of New York determined that the ban on keeping bees in the City should be lifted as they pose little or no health risk. Urban animals were commonplace …