activeCollab 0.7 RC2 – It Just Keeps on Getting Better

And yes it is still free.

I’m pretty flat out organizing my trip, but I couldn’t pass up shouting out the second release candidate for activeCollab, which I blogged about previously – Move Over Basecamp – Here comes activeCollab.

Release candidate 1 was a success: 10 – 20 bugs found and fixed including:

* RSS does not work on CGI installations of PHP

* Activity log not updating

* Data assigned to Anyone should be displayed to every user on the project (on My tasks page and in iCalendar feeds)

* Double mailing on new comment

* Search string not cleaned up And more.

Source: activeCollab website – Blog / activeCollab 0.7 RC2


This is great news for those wanting a Basecamp product, but unwilling to pay for the privilege. activeCollab shows it can be done, I’d encourage you to test it out if you have a server, or try installing on you local machine, using these instructions

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