A website I frequent, Grist,  has been posting a series of articles by Coby Beck containing responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming. There are four separate taxonomies; arguments are divided by:

This is a great series, and if your not familiar with Grist, go and check it out.

Of interest to me is how these skeptics can believe that if Global Warming were true, or even partially true, things would get bad, I mean really bad. Here’s a thought for the bird lovers, (and surely there are some skeptical bird lovers out there that would hate to see their favorite species extinct)…

Nearly three quarters of all bird species in northeast Australia and more than a third in Europe could become extinct unless efforts to stop global warming are stepped up, a report says.

Up to 72% of bird species in northeastern Australia and 38% of bird species in Europe could disappear completely if the planet’s temperature continues to rise, according to the international environmental group WWF. “This report finds certain bird groups, such as seabirds and migratory birds, to be early, very sensitive responders to current levels of climate change,” says WWF’s director of climate change policy Hans Verolme.

Source: News in Science – Global warming may wipe out most birds – 14/11/2006

The proverbial canary in the coal mine is a reality, but it will be whole species that go, not just one or two birds.

Click here for another take, (ABC Australia News, 2003).


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