Ecocity_B Some interesting news out of the Australian Agriculture scene this month…

A fresh new innovation in Australia’s urban agriculture –

The launch of Urban Ecological Systems (UES) on Wednesday April 2nd 2008 will include a public information session on “The Future of Food" – a view to urban agriculture and feeding our cities via sustainable food production systems.

If you’ve never head of UES, here’s a one minute primer, sounds like a name to keep your eyes on, (they won the episode round on the ABC Australia program New Inventors

UES is responsible for the innovation of Ecocity farms in Australia which have received world-wide attention with their new prototype of a farming system developed in Australia, since winning a recent episode of ABC-TV’s The New Inventors program with Technology & Innovation Award judge, George Lewin describing Ecocity Farms as "an idea whose time has come".

ecocityfarm – About Ecocity Farm

The ecoCity Farm is a water, energy and space efficient commercial aquaculture/plant production system packaged into a turn-key, IT supported farm-gate operation, suitable for use where conventional agriculture is not viable – including urban areas, and remote or environmentally sensitive locations.
It integrates both technological and marketing aspects to provide a total business solution to many of the major issues plaguing modern food production.

The Bigger Food Picture

Many people I talk to are oblivious to the potential food crisis that could befall the Western World as much as the Third World. Others insist that Oil will be replaced with a viable alternative before there are any ripple effects on food production or supply.

Vacant urban land, foreclosed properties, reclaimed industrial sites are all potential farm land sites with a technology like this. Sustainable food is a catch phase we haven’t heard the end of yet.

Published by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.