BC’s Agricultural Plan and Local Food

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Flipping through the British Columbia Agriculture Plan, which is a beautifully presented document by the way, I was struck by one paragraph and how little has been achieved on this front, either through policy, or other means…

We will also work with community and farm groups and local governments to help facilitation projects that will strengthen the systems in place within the community to bring locally produced food products to market. This will include the development of community gardens and bringing small agricultural lots into production in both urban and rural areas.

The is one small section of the whole plan, but it was supposed to have been implemented in 2008 through the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, the Ministry of Health and ActNowBC. Another section discusses expanding the extension program, as far as I know the Kootenays doesn’t have an extension officer – how are we to efficiently expand local agriculture without the support from government agencies that other areas are receiving?


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  1. An extension agent would be a wonderful asset. It would provide a local job, and probably more jobs as people invested in their gardens. Lots of local/food benefits.
    Funded by CBT?

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