BCWWA – Demystifying Cross Connection Control

Carolyn Stewart from the City of Penticton presents on the challenges of Cross Connection Control.

Framework for Crafting an Effective Program (CCCP)
– Define the Issues –

  • increase budget line item and reduce risk of contamination.
  • Local Health Authority requirements
  • Financial, cost
  • HR
  • Timeline
  • Training
  • Management
  • Election Year?

– Identify Stakeholders

  • Internal – council, public works
  • External – trades, business assoc. other municipalities
  • champions
  • departments that need buy-in and will help
  • plumbers and suppliers can be front line for City

– Engage Stakeholders

  • Technical Meetings

– Evaluate the Strengths or Weaknesses and Choose One Action Plan

  • part time position
  • administer only?
  • premises isolation vs source to tap isolation – depending on internal risks.
  • Risk Management

Developing Penticton’s ERP

  • Report Backflow Incident Immediately (Stickers in all mechanical rooms) (Promoted through plumbers).- Penticton also has non-potable water sources
  • Mitigating the risk – cross connection checklist – tied to the permitting process.
  • Consider FOI
  • Develop Standardized Forms – backflow Test Form etc.

Published by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of UrbanWorkbench.com and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.