BCWWA – Demystifying Cross Connection Control

Carolyn Stewart from the City of Penticton presents on the challenges of Cross Connection Control.

Framework for Crafting an Effective Program (CCCP)
– Define the Issues –

  • increase budget line item and reduce risk of contamination.
  • Local Health Authority requirements
  • Financial, cost
  • HR
  • Timeline
  • Training
  • Management
  • Election Year?

– Identify Stakeholders

  • Internal – council, public works
  • External – trades, business assoc. other municipalities
  • champions
  • departments that need buy-in and will help
  • plumbers and suppliers can be front line for City

– Engage Stakeholders

  • Technical Meetings

– Evaluate the Strengths or Weaknesses and Choose One Action Plan

  • part time position
  • administer only?
  • premises isolation vs source to tap isolation – depending on internal risks.
  • Risk Management

Developing Penticton’s ERP

  • Report Backflow Incident Immediately (Stickers in all mechanical rooms) (Promoted through plumbers).- Penticton also has non-potable water sources
  • Mitigating the risk – cross connection checklist – tied to the permitting process.
  • Consider FOI
  • Develop Standardized Forms – backflow Test Form etc.
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