It is human nature to avoid thinking about things that we assume someone else is taking care of – or things that we believe don’t really impact us. Two stories, one warning of impending change, the other oblivious to any threat of Australia losing it’s precious way of life…

Hard times here to stay | Otago Daily Times Online

Our society has been able to do so much more that previous ones, thanks only to the one-off use of fossil fuels.The International Energy Agency has now signalled that we are past the peak of global oil supply, citing a cumulative depletion rate of 6.8% per annum.

TAFT, CA - JULY 21:  An oil rig south of town ...

Peak oil keeps on peaking | Herald Sun

Australian oil production has remained pretty constant around 30 million barrels a quarter since mid-2006.

The reason is basic. As individual old fields, like Bass Strait, do peak and decline, new ones come on.

And we’d have a lot more coming on if we actually directed some of the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on useless wind ‘energy’ to promoting real carbon energy.

“New ones come on” – and is that going to continue indefinitely? He even states ideals of self-reliance through further exploitation of oil and gas, (note to self – 50% of anything is not self-reliant, you still need to find the other 50%!)

Apparently this guy, Terry McCrann like to call himself “Australia’s leading business commentator” – he might know business, but perhaps he should leave science and geology to the experts and maybe listen to them. Any commentator who believes that the current economic crisis coupled with climate change and peak oil (whether it has peaked or is going to soon) is not cause for serious concern should probably review the facts of global reliance on oil and its derivative products. Also, it might help if he reviewed documents such as this one from the South Australian House of Representatives – “The Impact of Peak Oil on South Australia

If you’re in the mood for a classic cartoon on resource management, check out Dr Seuss’ movie, “The Lorax”, it’s long, but kinda fun – perhaps you should show it to your kids and start explaining why it is that things are going to start changing in the coming years.


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