Blogging with Flock’s New Eco Browser

FlockI’ve used Firefox for a coupe of years now, and since blogging I’ve tried most of the blogging editing and publisher software out there, with Windows Livewriter and Scribefire being the two mainstays of my daily blogging experience.

Flock, as part of their Earth Day promotion, has released an eco-version of their browser, which is built on the Firefox/Mozilla platform. Having never been exposed to Flock before, aside from a really early beta version that was not real stable, I was impressed to see a built in blog editing tool, and the integration of the social networks.
Check out the eco-browser, which Flock has pledged 10% of search engine profits to an environmental non-profit organization.

I’m not a 100% convert yet, but I’m enjoying the simplicity of everyday tasks.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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