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Do you use blogs for marketing? Industries outside of the traditional early adopter computer and IT groupies are beginning to feel to strength of Internet marketing as a tool, here’s a recent story…

In late August Advertising Age published an article entitled ‘Has The Big Shift Began?’. They were referring to a campaign that Pontiac had decided to launch exclusively on the web. According to Pontiac this will cost them 60-70% less than the way it was traditionally done. Six weeks into the campaign, sales had exceeded August goals by 185%.

Source: iaocblog :: Are You Ready for The Big Shift?

Now that’s a big deal for a large company to experience such a shift in market response. How could your company use the web?  Do you do email lists?  Do you have a blog?

There are lots of experienced people out there to assist with Internet marketing, one of the best papers on the changing face of Internet marketing is this one, The Death of Internet Marketing. (aff link). Read more after the jump…


I’m normally pretty skeptical about these sort of deals, you know, give us your email and we’ll give you this crumby report. Well this one is different; and to prove it here are excerpts from two blogs I trust and read regularly from the marketing side of things.

If you want to learn where things have been in the world of Internet marketing, why those tactics don’t work anymore, and where things are headed, I suggest you read this free report. Although there is an affiliate program involved (you’ll see why as soon as you read the beginning of the report), I can promise you this: 

  • There is no pitch
  • There is no fluff
  • There is no hype

It’s just solid information, and an attempt by Mike Filsaime to reach out beyond the incestuous Internet marketing cluster. You can see for yourself whether it’s really the death of Internet marketing, or whether it’s just that the social media environment is about to get a whole lot more competitive. Get the report here.

Source: CopyBlogger – The Art of the Joint Venture

and this one in reference to the above blog…

I just picked up on a new post over at I couldn’t believe that my friend Brian was actually promoting the reading of an Internet Marketers newest scheme to capture my email addy.

How could he justify this, I wondered ? Why would he give in to The Dark Side ?

I had already deleted about 22 of those freakin’ emails that wanted to be the first one to alert me to the new report by Mike Filsaime, so why should I treat Brian’s post any differently ? Because he had earned the right to scam me … once. He’d been giving and giving and giving, so if he wanted to take, just this once, it would be okay.

Well, not only had he not scammed me, he’s earned even more trust by delivering even more good advice.

Source: Simplenomics – I’m Almost Ashamed To Admit This, But …

So follow the link, download the 61 page paper and learn about making money and business from the Internet. It will change your mind about how you can make money.


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