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BSC2009 – Learning From Linköping – Ann-Cathernie Hjerdt

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A model for sustainable community, the Mayor of Linköping, Ann-Catherine presented on the last fifty years of efforts to improve the sustainability of the community – now over 90% of the residential dwellings are heated by the district heating system run by the municipality.

  • A City of 140,000 people
  • The community takes solid waste from 30 other municipalities around Sweden, almost 15% of the total solid waste of Sweden.
  • Recycling stations around the city provide the opportunity for citizens to participate in self sorting and there is assistance available at the stations to help residents. These stations are meeting places for many people.
  • Biogas for buses – they own the bus company and the biogas energy company.
  • the entire bus fleet is run on biogas and 2/3 of taxis.
  • Even biogas trains have been developed.
  • Bicycle is a key mode of transport
    • Bicycle maps
    • Bicycle street signs
    • End of trip facilities
  • Climate Conscious Region
  • Long-term thinking
  • Political Will
  • Cooperation within region
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