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The Canadian Automobile Association has recently started blogging and it looks like they will be discussing all sorts of transportation related issues…

I am David Flewelling, President of the Canadian Automobile Association. This blog is not just about what I think, most importantly, it’s about what you think. That’s why we are inviting you to sit in the “Driver’s Seat.”

Source: CAA Drivers Seat – Welcome

Here is a sample post, about Eco-Mobility…

When we first announced our Climate change plan, and introduced the idea of “eco-mobility”, some media reports suggested that we are telling people to stop driving their cars. Well, we are not advocating getting rid of your car just because you live in a city. We are also not saying that if you live in a rural area that eco-mobility doesn’t apply to you. Eco-mobility is about making the most sustainable transportation choice in a given situation – sharing a vehicle, carpooling, walking, cycling, taking your vehicle partway and taking public transit the other half, etc.


Source: So what is eco-mobility anyways?

Kate has a quick roundup of the marketing side of things for the CAA site as a corporate blog if you are interested in these things – Another Canadian corporate blog joins the blogosphere! Welcome CAA …



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