Taking a break from Urban Design, and looking at Social Media and Blogging for Corporations today…

A recent discovery (for me) in the social media/blogging/PR world is Maggie Fox from Canada, who writes about some dubious statistics she’s seen floating around… 


There’s an article in today’s Toronto Star that I would like to claim a bit of responsibility for. As it happens, I emailed the reporter in question regarding the apparent disconnect between the Environics numbers recently released and an earlier Ipsos-Reid poll on the number of Canadians blogging. She called back and we had a nice chat on the phone about blogging. The result?

“Depending on whose figures you believe, somewhere between 30 and 40 per cent of adult Internet users in Canada have read at least one blog in recent months.”

Source: social media group corporate blogging » Blog Archive » Toronto Star: Blogging Good for Business – sort of

It sounds like Maggie might know what she’s talking about when it comes to PR, blogging and social media, she’s credible cause she does her research.  Read more after the jump…

photo: www.flickr.com/photos/40196377@N00/106771535You can’t buy credibility, you need to earn it, one of the commenter on her site says this of the producers of the dubious statistics,

Nobody from Environics Communications blogs themselves or even seems to be tracking their own company’s rep in the blogosphere, or they would have been all over your previous post.

And isn’t it true, if you knew how to lever the media, wouldn’t you be defending yourself in the sphere of influence?  I’m assuming that they’re not so big that they can’t be bothered caring about a critical report.

I Digress…

I’m interested in this new media, and how it is being taken up by the average joe, but of more critical importance is how that will translate to corporate blogging and social media for traditional companies like I’m involved with, Engineers, Architects, Planners.  All of these companies have a story to tell, one that could be told in a blog format, the decision just needs to be made at the corporate level that it could be good for business. I’ll write more about this later.

If you want to set up, run or have someone help write a corporate blog for you, please contact me to discuss.


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