The Castlegar Library is hosting the authors of the 100 mile diet, a great book about finding food locally and limiting your environmental impact through eating choices.

My wife Robyn is attending tonight, to show support for local events and to learn more about these inspiring people.

100 miles is pretty tough, but overall we feel we’re doing pretty well in our first year in Castlegar. Tonight we’re eating a vegetable pie that has filling ingredients that would fit in the 100 foot diet category, all from our backyard.

It’s great to see a small town like ours able to draw authors out to talk and teach about their writings. It’s a testimony to the library staff too, that they organise these events for us!

I previously published a map of the region with a circle defining the 100 mile radius…

It’s a great place to start, to see what areas fall within the 100 miles.

I’ll see if Robyn wants to guest post this week about the talk.

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