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I commented on the Castlegar News website on the editorial regarding the RDCK proposal to permit abattoirs in the rual zones. Here’s an excerpt:

The release of the book the 100 Mile Diet has brought up a lot of debate about eating more local foods.

The benefits are the same as any shop local campaign. Money stays in the community, it creates jobs and it cuts down on emissions from trucking food in all the time…

In order to make any ventures profitable, entrepreneurs are going to have to be able to depend on a local livestock supply to cut down on shipping costs…

So if the city is going to back this, it needs to go all the way and at the very least loosen its laws on backyard barnyards and let people raise their own livestock.

Source: Castlegar News – It’s all or nothing

And here’s my comment, click on the link to read the whole editorial.

Thanks for a great editorial!

I was concerned with the limiting of animals to 6 units – did council consider whether or not the business required a minimum number of animal units to be profitable? I would like to hear what abattoir operators in BC know about the operability of a facility with these sort of restrictions.

Since my wife and I first raised the issue of urban hens and goats in May 2008, the issue has received no serious negative publicity, and other communities, including Vancouver have made steps toward allowing hens in urban areas. We hope that council will address this issue soon in response to the letters recently sent by the Kootenay Food Strategy Society and will request input from the community as to how to encourage local food production.

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