Castlegar’s Property Maintenance Bylaw

Castlegar City Council mis close to adopting a new property maintenance bylaw, which will require owners to keep theiir propoerty free from noxious weeds, insect infestations and rubbish. Additionally, sidewalks will become the¬†property¬†owner’s responsibility to keep clear of snow, dust and debris; and boulevards in general must be kept in a safe and tidy condition, including mowing grass and trimming trees and shrubs.

The Castlegar News quotes Councillor Chernoff as stating that the City will help clear sidewalks, which I don’t see written anywhere in the bylaw…

Coun. Kevin Chernoff explained expenses for small upkeep projects around town have to be kept under control. While the city will continue to help clear sidewalks around town, residents will be expected to take the responsibility.

Castlegar News – Sidewalk responsibility to fall on residents

A bylaw like this relies heavily on the individual property owners taking responsibility for the items delegated, for instance, despite strict time requirements for clearing snow, ice or other dangerous conditions on the sidewalk, the remedy for the City rests on a double registered letter and remediation from property owners within fourteen days! However, the alternative, as is practiced in Cities like Calgary, is for the City to send crews out and charge the property owner for the labour – something I can’t imagine our friendly Council supporting. But will people put the effort in if the expectation is that the City will look after it, or you’ve got two weeks to fix it up?

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  1. I am wondering the difference between Property maintenance and facility maintenance…whts that?

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