summer preserves 1
Image by chotda via Flickr

We just returned from a couple of night’s camping – we saw a forest fire start from a lightning strike, and the ensuring, (and successful) efforts to put the small blaze way up on a hillside out. We also saw some amazing wildlife and endured a hailstorm right at dinnertime.

This was a hundred mile camping trip for us – most of our holidays are closer to home, simply because we have young kids, and I remember how much I loved to sit in the back of a car for hours listening to dad’s music selection when I was a kid!

A two week holiday from work, lots of gardening, canning, selling produce, fishing, catching up with friends and reviewing priorities. I could easily take another two weeks, but that might not sit so well with the workload.

As I return to real life, it seems that North America is still pretty wrapped up in itself, believing that it can spend its way out of the combined mess of climate change, peak oil and a consumer-driven resource-depleting economy.

Give me a day or two to ease myself back into reality, I’ve got a backlog of thoughts and essays to clear from the cache.

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