Communicating with a Story

12,000 Sitting Ducks I use words every day to communicate, sometimes I write thousands of words a day. Not everyone can or wants to read what I write, sometimes its too technical, sometimes it’s just in too much of a niche for many people to care about.

But when there is an event that everyone cares about or wants to know something about, building a picture or telling a story is one of the most powerful methods of communicating. Sometimes I forget that. Tonight I was reminded by Franke James’ blog called My Green Conscience – I finally caught up in my reading and was floored by the simplicity, (and the effort).

The post puts a personal spin on the explosion in Toronto, and through good background research, images and simple text the story unfolds.

The beauty of blogging – the ability to loosen the formalities and tell a story to engage readers, listeners or customers.


What story do you have waiting to be told?

Image courtesy of Franke James.

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