Compact Migraines

Seems like everything “good for you or the earth” has a downside or maybe just a flipside. Today’s bad news is that Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs may be causing migraines in some people.
Energy efficient bulbs may trigger migraines, UK group says

Energy efficient light bulbs could be causing migraines, a British migraine lobby group said Wednesday. “These bulbs do trigger migraines for some of our members — it’s either the flickering, or the low intensity of the light, causing eye strain,” Karen Manning, a spokeswoman for the British Migraine Action Association, told the BBC.

I’m no expert on lightbulbs or migraines, however, I’d have to say that our electronified world can’t be helping headache sufferers or the quest for lower energy consumption.
My tip for those who use a computer all day, (under any lighting conditions), is to take regular breaks, look away, find something to look at far away and rest your eyes. While you’re at it, go for a walk too!
We just replaced the lighting in my office with halogen lights to help brighten things up in there for the winter. The energy use is higher, however the light feels much better for working in, but during the day, I just open up the curtains and let the natural light in.
I doubt this research will sway the resolve of governments around the world to ban incandescent bulbs, there is too much public perception at stake, whether it solves any of the global warming/greenhouse gas/power consumption issue or not is almost irrelevent at this point.

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Published by Mike Thomas

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