Crazy Australian Environmentalists

Two news stores grabbed my attention today, the first about an area of NSW that I love.

Cooma-Monaro Wind Farming

The Snowy, Cooma, Monaro area is some of the prettiest in the country with sub alpine plains and great fly fishing. And it’s windy as all heck… 

Jim Litchfield of the landscape preservation organization, REAL Monaro, says both it and the Cooma Historical Society are calling for prime wind turbine sites to be placed on the heritage register.

Cooma-Monaro Shire Council has yet to receive a development application (DA), but the neighboring Snowy River has two DAs, with one tipped to begin construction by the end of the year.

Moves afoot to limit Cooma-Monaro, Snowy wind farms – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The heritage register would mean that they are protected from development of almost any type. Now tell me this isn’t just one of the silliest things you’ve heard. Yes it’s pretty, but it’s almost all farm land, cleared of 90% of it’s vegetation 150 years ago to make great farming land.

How is stopping a sustainable energy source like wind from being installed in farm land going to help at all? Wait until we run out of oil, gas and coal all together, maybe then these environmentalists will understand sustainability.

Felling Trees Because

Kyoto would probably solve this one, but Australia won’t sign, and it’s little wonder why…

Australian farmers are chopping down thousands of trees every day in a dramatic protest against laws intended to curb the country’s fast-rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Fed up with government restrictions on the use of their land, farmers began a civil disobedience campaign by cutting down one tree on each property, with a threat to increase the rate of felling each day until the dispute is resolved. By the end of this week more than 128,000 trees could be lost in a single day.

The farmers claim that the nation’s vegetation management laws, under which the clearing of trees has been made an offence, are leaving farmers bankrupt or rendering their farms marginal because trees are taking over open grasslands.

But the Government says that the strict land-clearing laws are necessary to preserve forests to soak up carbon dioxide. Without legislation, the Government claims, vast areas would be cleared to increase acreage of arable land.

Australia has the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emissions and has refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, claiming that the climate change pact favours Europe and puts other countries at a disadvantage.

Farmers fell thousands of trees in mass protest over land-clearing laws – Times Online

“First day, Sunday we chopped down one tree, second day Monday, we chopped down two trees and so on until we get some action from either Premier Beattie or Morris Iemma to do something about this ridiculous native vegetation act.

“We know the Australian Government is benefiting from collecting carbon credits, now we want payment for what we’re doing for the country or we want the native vegetation act removed.”


Farmers fell trees to protest over land clearing laws – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Do the farmers have a right for compensation for the benefits that the government receives for trees retained? Carbon Credits etc?

What are your thoughts on these two crazy Australian stories.



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