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I’ve stated a number of times on this blog that the Kootenays, while a nice place to live, and potentially a good place to be in an energy descent situation, one thing that is tough, (particularly while the border still stands between the US and Canada), is it’s remoteness.

I didn’t feel the remoteness yesterday as I drove to work and back despite the fact that all of the routes out of our little valley, aside from travelling through the States we blocked by avalanche or other road conditions that had closed the highways. But I found it interesting when my wife mentioned the buzz surrounding fear of food shortages at Safeway among the people she talked to. So Robyn dropped by the store in the afternoon and found that most every item was still in stock – except bananas.


ps – this is why I love Twitter, something as trivial as an update about the availability of bananas in Castlegar barely rates as a blog post, (but it didn’t stop me!) however, with Twitter it forces you to be creative in the limit of 140 characters. Follow me on Twitter – @Urbanworkbench

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3 replies on “Cut Off From the Rest of Canada”

  1. But the ferry across Kootenay Lake still ran , didn’ ‘t it?
    Friends took this route to Calgary,.

  2. Hopefully you’ll be reconnected with the world soon enough so the supermarkets can stock up on bananas again *grin* Our winter here lasted two days this past week. We don’t often get enough frost for the canals to freeze, so the ducks were confused!

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