Density is a hot topic around the world today, some cities like Mexico City and Jakarta and Hong Kong have insane densities, others like Sydney are really just in the past couple of decades finding out about infills, brownfield sites and reduction of sprawl. Over at Cyburbia there is a discussion about providing development bonuses for density 

I have asked in other threads about subdivision design standards, and partly thanks to your help, we are on the verge of adopting a new subdivision ordinance. We have decided to use density incentives to encourage clustering and protection of open space, since we are in a scenic corridor to a national park, and in the desert where there are few trees to hide our oopses.

Source: Density bonuses in subdivisions | Cyburbia – urban planning community

Click the above link to see some of the ideas and comments, but even better is the link to the Greater Vancouver Regional District – Building Green site. This is one that I can recommend for giving fresh ideas on maintaining and improving the built environment through sustainable practice.



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