Drupal to WordPress Script

I’ve had a few requests for the Drupal to Worpress Script that I used to make the move. I take very little credit for it, and no responsibility if it doesn’t work in your situation! Follow the instructions, in the script and see how you go.

I suggest attempting it on a test installation before hitting the real deal.

4 thoughts on “Drupal to WordPress Script”

  1. Thank you Mike!

    Thanks to you I was able to move a site from a paid host running Drupal to WordPress.com.

    I used phpmyadmin for all of it.

    I just exported term_data term_hierarchy node node_revisions term_node comments node_comment_statistics url_alias to a .sql file.

    Uploaded them to the new WordPress database and then ran the rest of your instructions in the SQL window.

    Just for those that might not want to get dirty with the CLI or for those of us that might have forgotten database passwords…

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