Early Fall Update

This week has been a bit of a write-off from the perspective of tackling the to-do and to-write lists. Selecting photos for the Pass Creek Fall Fair exhibition, as well as vegetables, fruit and preserves. Robyn has sewing, crocheting and baking in as well, and the girls are entering some stuff too.
Even during these busy times, there are moments of solitude and contemplation; husking the corn, grinding the grain for the bread, washing the vegetables. Compared with the life I lead at work and on-line, the simple tasks of homesteading are a much needed break in routine.

Looking at the weather ahead and the crops still in the garden, we’ve still got plenty of sunlight and heat during the days, but night times are dropping to around 5 degrees celcius pretty quick here, and the frost won’t be far off either. We’ve still got a stack of beets and carrots in the ground, as well as more squash and pumkins than we even had before. We tried a second crop in one of the beds this year, it’s rutabaga and seems to be doing well, I’ll probably get some row covers over it in the coming weeks to offer a bit of frost protection. The tail end of the summer crops are still out there too, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes and herbs, we’ll hold off the harvest until the frost for most of these.

I’m reading the book “Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting” by Michael Perry along with about 10 other books, but this is a fun journal/memoir by a guy who knows how to tell a story, and it fits right in with the questions we ask ourselves as we contemplate a family-driven life surrounded by food, farming and animals.


Have a great weekend, perhaps we’ll see you out at the Pass Creek Fall Fair this weekend!

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