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We’re all about sustainable here at Urban Workbench, and weekends are for links and side projects. The thought of living in a trailer while building a new home sends shivers up my spine, until I came across this Canadian constructed miniHome linked at the Inhabitat Blog.

Inhabitat Blog Archive PREFAB FRIDAY: Sustain miniHOME:

DAWN.jpgEven when the miniHome was only 1-day old out of the factory, it didn’t have any of the noxious off-gassing and poor indoor air quality that plagues most vehicles, trailers, houses and manufactured products. That’s because we set out a very exclusive set of criteria for our manufacturer, which demanded:

  • No vinyl No formaldehyde
  • No toxic adhesives or finishes
  • All water-based, or plant oil-based finishes
  • No CFC’s or HCFC’s
  • All woods to be certified from sustainable sources (FSC certification)
  • High natural ventilation rate (windows open)
  • Constant fresh air supply (windows closed) via heat-recovery-ventilator
  • Durable and low-maintenance

Bookstair2.jpgThe price tag is pretty high, but for allergy sufferers and those wanting to escape a toxic 21st century lifestyle, perhaps this would be a good option for a family getaway. We would consider something like this for a during construction dwelling, additional accommodation, or once we’d built our real house, buy a holiday property and put this to good use as a “cabin”. The options are pretty good when you consider that it can be moved easily, (not as an RV trailer, but it can be towed with the right vehicle etc.)

You can check out their website at and they even have a blog with construction details, FAQs and events they are attending to promote their design. It gets you thinking about what size space you and your family could comfortably live in for an extended period of time, obviously storage space is a premium and downsizing would be an inevitable benefit.

(images from visit the site for more great photos for the product).

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