Having seen the Edmonton landfill, it is hardly surprising that this project is on the books.

Edmonton, Alberta is about to get the world’s first municipal scale gas to biofuel plant and when it is up and running they’ll be recycling 90% of their non-reusable trash into biofuel. That’s 100,000 tons of garbage diverted from the landfill — which translates into nine million gallons of biofuel. The plant will begin operation in 2011 and the city of Edmonton is hoping that other North American cities will follow in their footsteps.

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Driving from St Albert to Edmonton is a real treat as gulls swoop overhead, attracted by the piles of garbage in the landfill. Scraps of paper stuck to the chain-link fence, blown about by the wind.We have become quite protected from the reality of our waste situation, the fact that everything we buy or do generates inordinate amounts of trash – perhaps this landfill by the side of the road, while ugly, serves a social purpose – to make people reflect on their own waste habits.

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