Even the Wall Street Journal was fooled, (or did they create it?)

An apparent press release from the Canadian Minister for the Environment Jim Prentice was posted at http://enviro-canada.ca/agenda2020 see pdf here.

“Today the G77 has again made their voice very clear,” said Jim Prentice, Canada’s Minister for the Environment. “This policy is our answer. Long in discussion, and slated for release later this week, Agenda 2020 is Canada’s commitment to a science-based approach to climate change, and our way to assert our partnership with the developing world.”

Agenda 2020 sets binding emissions reductions targets of 40% below 1990 levels by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050, in line with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and approaching the levels demanded by the African Group (link). The plan also introduces a new instrument, known as the “Climate Debt Mechanism” (CDM), committing Canada to much-needed funding to those developing countries facing the most dire consequences of climate change. CDM payments will begin with 1% and rise to the equivalent of 5% of Canada’s GDP annually by 2030.

“We believe all people will benefit from an equitable climate deal that truly energizes the world economy,” said Prentice.

Source: http://enviro-canada.ca/agenda2020

Check out the Fake environment Canada home page against the real one.

Fake Enviro Canada Website.png by urbanworkbench on Aviary

Fake Enviro Canada Website.png by urbanworkbench on Aviary

Real Enviro Canada.png by urbanworkbench on Aviary

Real Enviro Canada.png by urbanworkbench on Aviary

Does this mean that the pundits believe that Canada is a lost cause, or that they could still be swayed to do the right thing?


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2 replies on “Environment Canada Press Release – It’s a Fake!”

  1. Canada is on the defensive –

    Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice just finished his press conference and he dismissed the hoax press releases, saying “I am here to negotiate.”

    Steve Kelly, Prentice’s chief of staff was heard to say. “we were carpetbagged this morning by (environmental non-governmental organizations) with a false press release, I gotta change the story.”

    Source: http://thestar.blogs.com/copenhagen/2009/12/us-snubs-canada.html

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