Extreme Recycling in Vancouver

 Necessity is the Mother of Invention…

A proponent of so-called “extreme recycling” said he hopes the prospect of growing piles of garbage in the heat of summer will spur more Vancouver people to reduce their household waste.

Raqib Brian Burke lives in the Quayside Village housing complex in North Vancouver, surrounded by lush gardens fed by the waste from the complex’s composting system.

Burke and his neighbours take the concept of recycling several steps beyond just putting out their blue box every week. Residents of the 19-unit apartment complex throw out so little trash they recently gave up the dumpster that used to be parked in the lane. All their trash fits into four household-size garbage bins.

‘Extreme recycling’ urged as way to cope with garbage strike

Vancouver will be hoping for a cool summer if this keeps up much longer…

It would be interesting to see how many people will have their daily habits changed permanently by the garbage strike. Will people recycle more, or will they take it for granted even more!

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