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Extreme Work

Do you work an extreme job? I’m not thinking of base jumping instructors or Navy Seals, just your regular, everyday, 60 hour a week kind of job. Is this the future for the go-get-em professional?

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The 40-hour workweek is dead. But people aren’t just working longer hours. They’re holding down extreme jobs—logging 60-plus hours a week and enduring 24/7 client demands, tighter-than-ever deadlines, and unpredictable work flows.

Are you so competitve that you feel that you can’t stop, that you are responsible for too much, that the “crackberry” drives you… Check out some of the statistics…

  • 36% of extreme workers aged 25-34 say they’ll likely leave their jobs within a year.
  • 69% of the authors’ study respondents believe they’d be healthier if they worked less extremely.
  • 58% think their extreme jobs get in the way of strong relationships with their children.
  • 65% of respondents say they’d decline a promotion if it demanded more of their energy.

Time to check out the 4-Hour Work Week I think.

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Mike Thomas

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