115213514_b2e1fa5081.jpgI’ve never really given much thought as to how we could improve on existing night light pollution, with neon light advertising and full illumination of roads and buildings in and around our cities, but my eyes have been opened, excuse the pun!

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One of the best things about having moved to a rural centre is truly the lack of light pollution. I mean, sure there’s a McDonalds here, but there are no high rise buildings, minimal neon advertising lights and there are enough trees around to feel like you are out in the woods. You can look up at the night sky and see stars, millions of them.

And one of the things I first noticed about Calgary, when I moved there six years ago was how bright the city was, it literally glowed ahead of us as we flew in across the Rockies in the fading winter’s dusky light. I’d lived in bigger cities in Australia that seemed to have less lighting, I was shocked at the waste, I couldn’t understand the mentality that insists, we have lights and the must be turned on. Read more after the jump…


Now some of you may say, “yeah well, what’s the big deal hey, I mean they’re just stars, and they’re like way up there…” Visual amenity is part of it, but also we need to consider the environment, both immediate and surrounding our cities, animal behaviours and even our health can be affected by increased night lighting.

Here’s a business that cares, and has found a market in selling night sky friendly lighting products for residential, commercial and industrial applications…

Night Sky Friendly Outdoor Lighting Products by Starry Night Lights:

Light pollution wastes billions of dollars annually and robs us of our heritage of star-filled skies. I am committed to fighting light pollution. I offer the widest selection of ordinance compliant, night sky friendly and neighbour friendly outdoor lighting for your home or business. Think about it: If you’re not installing friendly outdoor lighting, what exactly are you installing?

StarryNightLightsORIGINAL.jpgThese guys, Starry Night Lights, offer a full range of high quality night-sky friendly lighting both for interior and exterior uses. Not only that, but they also have a blog, with some interesting articles and a how to install a direct buried light post blog post. Other articles are readable and interesting…

What’s The Opposite Of ‘Sky Friendly’ Outdoor Lighting?

Starry Night Lights goes to great lengths to push the fact that all of our exterior lights are night sky friendly, neighbour friendly, wildlife friendly, environmentally friendly, etc. Sure. That’s our message and our mission. You might be wondering then… we’re selling friendly lights… what are other guys selling? More specifically… are there unfriendly outdoor lights?

This is a great example of a company adopting new media technologies to promote their products and encourage learning and discussion around their niche content. This doesn’t work for all companies, but by taking some time to write about their niche industry, and finding new media ways to lever that content, using addthis.com links in the blog posts and ReviewMe to encourage conversations and building up a level of trust with readers and hopefully turning readers into customers, and even promoters.


The range of lighting is excellent, most people should be able to find something that matches their decor or aesthetic needs, and they offer free ground shipping on orders of over $100 US dollars, (I assume that applies only in the states though). One minor quibble I have with lots of web businesses, and Starry Night Lights is no exception is the lack of a bricks and mortar address on their contact page, though a saving grace is the inclusion of a toll-free telephone number, (which is a great addition to any business website).

As I sit here in my darkened living room, illuminated by the glow of my laptop screen, I’m glad to see a company selling products in a responsible manner, advocating motion sensors and encouraging less of their end product – light. It displays openness and responsibility, two things that customers value in a sales interaction.

Check out their site, and let me know what you think.

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