And they said I was an idiot to believe that there would be an energy descent…

With Gas Costs Rising, Farmers Take to Mules : NPR

Two Tennessee farmers have found an old-fashioned solution to the problem of high prices at the gas pump: They’ve hitched their farming equipment to two mules named Dolly and Molly. T.R. Raymond and his son Danny say it’s a lot cheaper to fuel their mules than to fuel their tractors.

I had previously predicted that horses would be used, but in this case I’m happy for the farmers, and the mules.


From my previous post…

New World Transportation | UrbanWorkbench

Bullock teams were used extensively in early colonial Australia to haul large and heavy items such as logs from the forest to the sawmills. Horses have been popular around the world for both fast personal transport and heavy hauling. Other animals include mules, donkeys, dogs and elephants (think Hannibal crossing the alps!)

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