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For the past two weeks I’ve been testing out a feed reader addon for firefox called Feedly. For starters, anyone who is not using firefox as their browser should install it immediately and avoid all interaction with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer from this point forward. Secondly, get yourself a Google Account and sign up for Google Reader.

Do you know what feeds are? How about RSS? If not, check out this link to get you started, otherwise, let the fun begin!

[ad#200-left]I have subscriptions to several hundred blogs and news sources, and a good feed reader is essential for managing the data and deciding what to read and how. The extension, Feedly, which acts like a smart frontend for the data held in your Google Reader account displays  your feeds or groups of feeds (topics), as a magazine type of page. The same keyboard commands drive the interface as Google Reader, but there are some added bonuses such as integration with social services such as friendfeed and twitter. Another feature that holds significant promise is the ability to annotate articles with comments inline.

Feedly is definitley my new start page for Firefox, with all the top stories from my feeds at my fingertips.

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3 replies on “Feedly – the future of Feed Readers”

  1. Where would I be without my Google Reader? I would be a total mess without it! I also love Firefox, but I do use IE for a few things that it seems to work better for, like Facebook. What is your beef with IE, BTW?

    1. @WC – Give Feedly a go for a different experience with the same data. IE has bothered me since the days when Netscape was blown out of business by Microsoft, and the various improvements they’d made over the years only caught up to the competition in version 7, and already they’ve slipped behind again!

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