128141194_28d6bb854bExit signs are an important part of construction and building and facility safety. Do you think the exit sign in the photo is adequate? What about at night, what about if you were blind? There are different standards for exit signage and markings around the world, but as most of my readers are in the US, today, I’m reviewing a website that specializes in exit signs and emergency exit lights that comply with US regulations.

The store is very well laid out, great colors and easy navigation of products, particularly with some of the more specialist products such as photoluminescent aluminum stairwell nosings, which I’d never seen before, but look like a practical solution to the problem of emergency lighting not actuating or providing adequate lighting, or if the stair well were filled with smoke during an evacuation.

In addition to products, the website acts as a source of relevant code information, linking back to the relevant clauses in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.

exitroute-braille One of the interesting products that doesn’t get a lot of attention is braille exit signs. The Exit Store carries a range of commonly used braille signs, including those specified by the ADA and Californian Building Code. In addition to this special orders and tenders for larger projects are accepted as well.

The pricing appears excellent, and as a bonus, the Exit Store offers free shipping to Exit Sign and Emergency Light orders of 6 items or more and delivers via UPS Ground Shipping within the 48 Continental United States.


Published by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of UrbanWorkbench.com and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.