Goat Talk About Town

It’s been an interesting long weekend with lots of summer activities going on, but one common theme has been people talking about goats and chickens around town.

In response to the brief story and random question featured in the Castlegar Current, people about town are thinking about chickens and goats in a new light.

This is the vox pop section from the Castlegar Current (via Raymond Koehler), (click on the image to view full-sized)…


[ad#200-left]At a birthday party this morning, another two families agreed that allowing chickens and goats would be great, they even commented on previous neighbours that have had chickens in the past, with no problems.

I have to wonder if those on council who voted against further discussion of this matter actually talked to anyone regarding this proposal.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of this story.  🙂

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