As I take a break from writing my comments to the Draft Sustainability Discussion Paper for Castlegar, I was drawn to this blog post from Google on the use of 200 goats to maintain a field…

The cost of bringing in the goats is comparable to hiring lawn mowers for the same job and the green benefits are clear: the goats eliminate mower emissions, reduce noise pollution, restore plant species and fertilize while grazing.

via Official Google Blog: The goats are baaaahk!.

Photo LIcenced under Creative Commons by OfficialGB on Picasa

I’ve written before about the benefits of goats as urban animals, and as far as our little town of Castlegar – we asked council almost two years ago to consider permitting hens and miniature goats in residential areas. The answer we were given at the time, after the obligatory chicken jokes of course, was that it would be addressed in the new Official Community Plan, of which the document I’m reviewing right now is a part of the process of developing.

I’ve been patient, all the while the places where chickens and/or goats are allowed keeps growing. It is another whole year gone without raising chickens.

And I’m thinking, our lawn sure could use a mow.

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