Google Earth Embraced

The Sydney Morning Herald  is in holiday mode, and so am I.

Lame popular topics, like Google Earth and articles that read like, “Oh wow, like, everyone is using it, didn’t you know?” If you didn’t you’re almost as Google Earth naive as these scientist, so you know, take heart.

Google Earth embraced by geologists – Technology –

One scientist at the San Francisco conference asked whether it was possible to see the interior of the Earth – to look at the three-dimensional structure of an earthquake fault, for instance. Negative. How about looking at the sun? Nope again…

And it’s only as good as your computer, internet connection and ability to wield a mouse.

“This is geared towards people who get their information from the internet. It’s not for everyone,” Blair said. “I can’t teach this to my mother and father so well.”

Actually, it is cool that free software can be used to do so many different things, from mapping and displaying radiation levels to earthquake data all in a three dimensional “world”.
I’m just waiting for Castlegar to get upgraded to the high definition imagery, so that you know, I can do what most of the 100 million people who’ve downloaded the software do. Check out their house .

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