Today Seth Godin discusses the concept of finding a trend, when it’s not really there…

Seth’s Blog: Magic Coincidental Tuesday

I was checking out the very neat Google History feature and discovered that I do far more searches on Tuesday. In fact, it looks like a graceful curve that peaks each week on Tuesdays.

I’d like to propose that there is a trend, that it has something to do with IQ or brain capacity being optimized on Tuesdays. Who knows, there could be a research grant in this.

Seth, why do I have the same result? No external factors at work, clearly you do more searching than I do, but Tuesdays win on my stats too?! Guess which are Seth’s stats, maybe I should show my wife that there is someone who spends more time on the internet than me!

If you are wondering why our graphs look different, it’s probably because I’m using Stylish, a plugin for firefox which changes how pages are displayed.


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