Green Roofs for Water Runoff?

Green Roof new excites me, especially when it involves areas that are outside of the traditional adopters, this time its Florida, and the government is the sponsor.

A library being planned for central Sarasota County may provide answers for some of the biggest challenges facing local governments: how to limit storm-water runoff, cut energy costs and reduce air pollution. Those answers won’t come from the books inside, however. They’ll come from what’s on top. The Bay Street library, still in its design stages, will feature one of Florida’s few roof gardens.

Source: Roof gardens a cure for water runoff? – (image likewise)

At what point will this become a standard construction practice for commercial or government buildings?  What about residential? It may not be suitable for everywhere, but the variety of places that it has been implemented successfully is huge, from Germany, to Canada, to Singapore, to the United States.



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