Regular readers will know that here at UrbanWorkbench, we’ve dabbled in all sorts of crops that are not regularly associated with the Kootenays. Last year it was wheat, oats and amaranth, this year we had great success with a bed of pink popcorn. With around 80 cobs of corn husked and drying, the next task is to remove the kernels from the cob before working them up in the Whirley Pop stove-top popper. Two medium sized cobs of this corn yields about a cupĀ  (160 grams or .35 of a pound) of kernels, enough for a good family snack. Here’s the process…

Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic, the popcorn is not quite ready to be popped yet. As you can see in the last photo, no real popping, just browning and sizzling. I’ll try again in a couple of weeks.


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Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.

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