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One of the hard things about running a small business is getting the right information or business experience in fields that you need to know something about, but really don’t know enough about. is launching a user-contributed small-business manual today at The site already hosts more than 1000 guides dealing with contracts, accounting, financing, et cetera. Most guides are super basic, but the provided templates generally render them well-organized. And offering all this information as a website is definitely more proximately useful than yet another paper how-to book.

Source: Small Businesses go to – Web Worker Daily

Just taking a quick look through the offerings, they are generally pretty straight forward, but the main benefit is that users can rate the documents, so you don’t need to sort through the junk to find the gems.

Its an interesting idea, and one of information sharing in the spirit of the wiki, but the ratings system adds a Digg like feel to the usefulness of the information. 



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