The City of Clayton, California has shut down an illegal small business operated by 11-year-old Katie and 3-year- old Sabrina Lewis. These entrepreneurial children were selling food from their garden… Young girls fight produce stand closure in Clayton 8/20/08

"Zucchini, melons, tomatoes, radishes," said Sabrina Lewis. They did it for maybe four hours on Saturday mornings to make a little money. They haven’t sold a thing since the police showed up recently in response to one complaint to the mayor’s office. "They said traffic was being stopped and then they came up with we can’t have a roadside stand and then they said it was a commercial enterprise," said Katie Lewis, former produce seller.

P1190075Neighbours are shocked and wonder what all the fuss is about, no traffic problems, just a couple of kids learning about food and commerce, right?

Clayton Mayor Gregg Manning disagrees. And wonders what Katie and Sabrina might do with that produce stand if the zoning laws weren’t enforced.
"They may start out with a little card-table and selling a couple of things, but then who is to say what else they have. Is all the produce made there, do they make it themselves? Are they going to have eggs and chickens for sale next," said Mann

The ludicrousness of enforcement of laws cracks me up. One commentator has noted the unwavering support by municipalities and states for big business, but at every turn, small producers, right down to kids selling home grown veggies on the corner, are being beaten into submission. It sure teaches the kids to have faith in authority when the cops come knocking claiming a p0ublic health risk!

You have to watch the video.

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