Integrating Sewerage and Heating Systems

[ad#125-right]One of the recent innovations in wastewater is the integration of sewerage treatment and disposal with district heating and energy generation. In the Kootenays, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is in the middle of a Liquid Waste Management Plan, much like other communities and regions around the province of BC. At a preliminary stage, the plan describes several options available to the regional district to improve the treatment of sewerage, and capacity of the plant. One concept that hasn’t been discussed in the local example, seems to be gaining ground in the Capital Regional District (CRD) – integration of systems.

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“This is not just a sewage issue anymore”, he said. “It has moved into a system integrated urban design problem.”

The provincial Integrated Resource Management study, released in May, pointed out opportunities for cross integration of systems, such as heating and organic waste.

The concept of integrated systems has only recently been introduced to North America, after years of success in some European countries. From a sustainability perspective, it only makes sense to be seeking symbyotic relationships between infrasrtucture projects.

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