Irish Water Scouts – Thermal Imaging and Posties

In a situation that has exposed systemic issues in the organization of Northern Ireland Water, at last a ray of hope in the battle to address the infrastructure issues spread out across thousands of kilometers of water mains. The solution – a mix of new technology and old…

A police helicopter fitted with the latest thermal imaging technology has been employed to help check trunk mains in remote areas. At the same time the local post office has agreed that its postmen and women who traverse the highways and byways of Northern Ireland each day will report any leakage that they find on their rounds.

Via: Northern Ireland Water – News

With the pervasiveness of smart phones in Western Countries, mobile apps combining GPS and photo features should be developed by regional emergency preparedness organizations that can use human intelligence to better respond to issues without tying up the telephones. Also, the data is geo-referenced immediately, removing a step from the process.

Information is crucial to swiftly responding to a distributed infrastructure disaster, whether, water, sewer, gas, cable, telephone or electrical. I’m sure some people will get the backsides kicked out of their jobs for what has happened, but I would guess that those responsible for many of the decisions are just working with what they’ve been given.

Published by Mike Thomas

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