Kelowna City the Sustainable

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Kelowna, BC has just announced the formation of a couple of sustainability divisions, reshuffling to the corporate structure of the City…

The City needs to be better positioned to respond to the rising issues facing our community, both on the environment and social fronts," says City Manager Ron Mattiussi. "We also have an emphasis on community wellness and working closer with residents. I believe good cities are built on strong neighbourhoods."

City services will be delivered by three divisions: Community Sustainability, Citizen Services and Corporate Sustainability.

CivicInfo BC – News

I think we are going to see more of this as we move into an era where our consumption as cities is actually measured, not as an economic indicator, but as a threat to global sustainability.

Might Be Time to Put Away the Crystal Ball…

And in Spain developers are looking for someone to blame for climate change…

A group of real estate developers and property owners in La Manga del Mar Menor – a spit of sandy, low-lying coastal land and Murcia’s premier beach resort – are threatening to take Greenpeace to court over its graphic predictions of what global warming may do to the area, which they say have caused house prices to plummet.

Source: Estate owners sue Greenpeace for prediction – Expatica

I might have to keep my mouth shut! If I predict we are going to run out of Gas can car manufacturers sue me when no one buys their cars?

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