Landscapers Livid over Lack of Liquid

499263096_bae3ff31dc_m If a city is running out of water, or even running low, what segment of water usage do you think the main restrictions should be placed on? Drinking water? Bathing? Washing Clothes? Flushing Toilets?

Watering of plants and landscaping has taken a beating wherever water restrictions have been implemented, but some in the landscaping industry thinks that they shouldn’t be penalized…. 

Don Curtis, owner of North Carolina-based SuperSod, which supplies turf to homeowners and landscapers, has been lobbying for the restrictions on landscapers to be loosened. He said the industry has been unfairly singled out because of its visibility, but that in reality, it uses water responsibly and helps protect water resources by reducing runoff. :: Article : Landscapers Lobby for More Water


Has anyone told Don that water is a resource and when it runs out everyone’s screwed, not just the landscapers? I like seeing a beautiful landscaped garden as much as anyone else, but if the design is inappropriate for the native climate and rainfall for the area, regardless of the type of irrigation used, the suitability has to be questioned. Concessions should be given to greywater or stormwater collection systems, rather than asking for potable water restrictions to be loosened.

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