LEED ND and Affordable Housing

Shouldn’t the best known “green standards” in the world also promote affordability?

Critics say LEED-ND, in its current draft, discourages participating developers from alloting dollars into expensive energy-efficient affordable housing if their payback is, at most, four points out of a possible 106. They worry the point system, and any resulting developer disincentives, will get ingrained in municipal law books if local governments continue to adopt LEED standards at unprecedented rates — all at a time, they add, when the growing gap between wages and mortgages is creating an affordable housing crisis regionally and nationally.

Source: Critics say new green rating hurts affordable housing

This has been a question of mine with the original LEED – why does it cost so much when the NSW government in Australia was able to undertake a web based planning and approvals system for buildings that had minimal administrative fees, (see Basix).