LEED Neighborhood Rating and Communities

Michael at The Front Porch offers the following question about the LEED neighborhood rating system…

Green Neighborhood Report Card – Front Porch

I encourage the good folks involved with this seemingly very complex process to get even more explicit about fostering community within the neighborhood. Scoring high on this rating system would indicate strong environmental performance and say something about the potential for being a decent place to actually liveā€¦ but is it a friendly place full of good neighbors?


This is an interesting perspective on the LEED Neighborhood program, one that many wouldn’t consider up front, but perhaps the assumption with the New Urbanism ideas is that community will form out of better design. Is this true or accurate? Having had a look at the LEED neighborhood program, I’d say that their focus is definitely on the physically and environmental sustainability side of things, but having walkable communities, increased density and common parklands, and local shops should improve community.

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