For the average business these days there are so many ways to get lost on the internet, either by not having enough exposure, or by paying too much for questionable exposure. Its easy to get lost in the options, and hard to work out what has the best rate of return on investment.


Disclosure: This is a paid linkpost for LinkWorth a marketplace for advertisers and publishers, in their words “partners”, to find sites or partners to advertise with, or conversely, advertisers to promote.

Blogs are the new medium of choice for many advertisers, with contextual links, text link advertising and site specific targeted advertising all available at a reasonable price. Reviews and linkposts are another way that advertisers are getting their product heard and in the efficient blogging/word of mouth realm. LinkWorth offers all of these options under one banner.

Why should you buy text link ads?
Whether you’ve got a small home business or a large corporation, your presence on the web is vital for customers to find you. Also, text link ads are a great way to gain valuable page ranking and backlinks from quality, established websites, and blogs are ranked very highly due to the frequency of content updates and the format of posting.

Blogs are a great platform for contextual or relevant advertising, generally a blog has an audience that is much more targeted than magazines, newspapers or television programs, and with text link ads you pay by the month, so there’s no risk from what has become known as click fraud.

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Why should you display text link ads?
I’ve been reading a blog by John Chow of Vancouver, who makes thousands of dollars a month from blogging, and he gets a steady income just from sales of Text link ads through these services. Whether it’s thousands of dollars you are after or a couple of dollars for your efforts, check out your options to make money online.

LinkWorth also offer a number of other services, the first called LinkPost which gives advertisers an opportunity to request links within the body of posts, similar in nature to ReviewMe, which I’ve talked about previously. This post is an example of what you would get from a LinkPost article requested on UrbanWorkbench, so if you’re interested, sign up for an advertisers account over at LinkWorth. Bloggers also get a greater share of the revenue, with 70% of each transaction going to the blogger!

Another product they offer is LinkInTxt which allows partners to sell keywords on existing blog posts or website pages. As long as the keyword exists in the text on the pages chosen, you can sell the use of that keyword as a link, and set your price per keyword.

Overall, these guys have one of the largest product line ups for advertisers and publishers alike, and you are sure to find a way to boost you blog income or get your product heard and seen. Another site referred to LinkWorth as a “one-stop advertising portal” and, well that about sums it up.

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